May 29, 2005

A-List Analysis Collected Notes

"The A-list'ers are different from you and me" - T. Echnorati

"Yes, they have more links" - P. O. Werlaw

Some weekend fodder:

Jon Garfunkel has a follow-up piece to "The New Gatekeepers" series: "Reactions" - "Ultimately, I wonder, will the essay spread because of those gatekeeper-less technologies, or by the grace of the influential gatekeepers?" I also must note his definition elsewhere: Long Tail - The part of the power curve away from the power.

Bob Cox makes some remarks about the success of the "Huffington Post": "I was on Truth Laid Bare earlier today and noticed that is took all of a week for Ariana to jump to #11 on their "link ranking" with 2,472 with links.". Note one of the FAQ's (Frequently Asserted Querulousness) to understanding gatekeepers is that an A-list changes over time. And it does! Anyone who is a rich syndicated columnist, and knows many celebrities, can come out of nowhere and leap right to the top of the charts. When compared before and after celebrities and syndicated columnists took an interest, top rankings would be different, you betcha! (note these last remarks aren't meant to apply to Bob Cox, who knows all about A-list marketing)

"The Vision Thing" has more linking analysis

Keep Trying - "Examining More Half-Truths of the Blogosphere"

Shelley Powers - "Weblogging is for Winners: Backlash": "Getting flack about trips now, when you didn't a couple of years ago? Well, a couple of years ago, we hadn't heard the complaint about airports and no Internet access for the 20th time. Neither had we seen so many photos of so many beautiful people - most of them eerily similar." (though compare - Those Bastards - "Who wants to hear a bunch of white males blogsterbate anyways?")

I will not discuss that abomination to the Web known as "Blogebrity".

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Congratulations on liberating

Posted by: Anonymous at May 31, 2005 12:20 AM

Thanks, though it's sort of unrelated. Or in a deep way (gatekeepers), maybe not.

Posted by: Seth Finkelstein at May 31, 2005 02:50 AM

The definition of power law that Seth cites comes from this JOHO thread, which started as a discussion between Weinberger and a Berkman staffer about the merits of the long tail. My larger comment was that I have no problem with marketers coming up with visual metaphors for aggregated/collective voices-- "mosaic" for example. But the derivation of the "long tail" has to be acknowledged. Nobody on JOHO (present correspondents excepted) followed up on this point, so it will generally be lost.

Posted by: Jon Garfunkel at May 31, 2005 06:00 PM