August 15, 2004

BSA Weasel == "Beagle Boys"!

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has announced an "anti-piracy" site, with a kids' mascot ferret, and a contest to call it a name.

The BSA weasel creature reminded me of something I'd seen before. Something shady, disreputable, criminal. Finally, I remembered! The BSA weasel looks like he's a member of a criminal gang in Walt Disney Comics, the "Beagle Boys":

BSA Weasel Beagle Boys
BSA Weasel Beagle Boys

Look at the family resemblance. Same shirt. Same pants (gang colors?). Same squinty, hooded, eyes. Same toothy smirk. He's even wearing something on his chest, which, making allowances for updating to the modern age, might be a Beagle Boys identification patch (more evidence of gang affiliation!).

Traditionally, the Beagle Boys were after Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin. They must be diversifying. There's certainly a big money bin around the Business Software Alliance, one to rival Scrooge McDuck. So the gang has obviously gotten one of their younger members to convince the BSA executives to take him into the organization (using his weasel-skills - thus explaining what would otherwise be evident stupidity in having such a mascot). While everyone is distracted at the official contest ceremony, the rest of the gang will attempt to pull a heist. Classic plot.

It all fits ....

[Credit: Beagle Boys image from Kit's Silver Age Comic Books ]

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in copyblight , infothought | on August 15, 2004 08:32 AM (Infothought permalink) | Followups
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Thanks for the chuckle. The BSA certainly has picked a fitting mascot.

I wonder if the American Library Association will make a good choice, too.,1412,64543,00.html


Posted by: Fred at August 15, 2004 10:19 AM

Nah, I'm pretty sure the BSA's new mascott is really Poochie from the Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie show (The Simpsons) trying to get his career back on track...

Posted by: Chris at August 15, 2004 12:51 PM

Don't be ridiculous... We all know it's not a weasel, it's a rat, as in "rat out your friends."

Posted by: Dave at August 15, 2004 08:21 PM

No, see, the weasel is also a criminal -- except he steals software. You can tell because he looks so hip. (All the cool kids are stealing software, dontchaknow.)

Posted by: Aaron Swartz at August 15, 2004 10:22 PM

Can anyone tell what his shirt says? It looks like "I'm A MEGA ;;;; Fan." What's the third word?

Posted by: GigaWalt at August 16, 2004 01:07 AM