June 25, 2004

CMP, Google News, and the Echo Chamber

Now that the claim that CMP Media was blocking Google News, seems to have proven unfounded (though they do block CNET, I've verified that), I was curious as to how it spread. An interesting thing about all the data available, is that often it's possible to make an attempt to trace the path of a story.

It turns out a trace has already been done in an article by Sam Whitmore's Media Survey. Birds on a Wire:

Jonathan Dube's cyberjournalist.net blog had no such luck Jun. 24 when it reported that CMP Media was blocking Google News from linking to CMP news articles.

Once one bird flew off the wire, others followed.


If Cyberjournalist.net says it saw CMP blocking Google News, then it did, as far as we're concerned. But no one else did. Did anyone from Cyberjournalist.net call CMP to ask why it was blocking Google News? You'll have to ask them. All we know is that Cyberjournalist.net filed the blog item and others picked it up.

In the spirit of skepticism, I did my own trace, with a Feedster search on CMP and Google. The results are similar to the above.

Interesting result: I'd never heard of Cyberjournalist.net before this. It seems to be a "local" A-list, in that net journalists and PR types know it, but not people outside the field. Maybe the story was stopped before it could really get going? Perhaps because it involved journalists, who are members of the tribe, and so are heard by other journalists, when they complain about wrong stories? (if so, that's not helpful to me for my own media defense problems).

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in journo | on June 25, 2004 11:59 PM (Infothought permalink) | Followups
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