June 24, 2004

CMP Media, Google News, blocking report

There's a report, now A-listed, that:

CMP Media is blocking links from Google News. When you click on a link on Google News to a headline on one of CMP Media's technology publications, you get [a block page]

I can't reproduce this. I'm not saying it's wrong, but I can't get it to happen for me. It's of course possible that CMP changed it.

I can get that blocking to happen from a few domains. Anything at domains:

"com.com" (CNET/ZDNet), "cnet.com", "linuxtoday.com".

But not from news.google.com or similar.

It's working off the "Referer:" HTTP header, so any header-removing privacy program stops the effect.

[Yeah, I know I should be cheerleading today on the INDUCE Act. But I want to use my technical skills, that's my strength, and in addition Google is a much less dangerous topic for me]

Update: Seems not to be true, or a brief accident. There's commentary in the cyberjournalist post

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mitch, i'm a journalist (visiting from cyberjournalist.com where "nobody" reads your comments) and i'm reading you!

and by publishing what amounts to a journal online you are, ipso facto, a journalist. you do not need a degree on the wall, or even a printing press down the hall.

you just need a sense of fair play, a willingness to be personally insulted but STILL write fairly, and, if you really want to go the whole hog, a deadline that causes you to sweat blood periodically. go hard!

jason brown
freelance reporter
798 ara maire nui dr.
cook islands

ps: i haven't looked into it properly, but i bet a search of early journalism would find that the term 'journalist' was something invented by some snot-nose society toff, burning up daddy's estate money to produce a monthly journal on events at court, and who thought 'reporter' sounded too common (:|

Posted by: jason brown at June 25, 2004 03:28 PM