May 29, 2004

Censorware ("Internet Content Filtering") in India

OpenNet Initiative recently issued a bulletin "Internet Content Filtering in India: Variations in Compliance and Accuracy", concerning a report that "the Mumbai Police Commissioner's Office had ordered ISPs in India to block the website because of inflammatory anti-Islamic material contained on the website.". I did a little investigation using tools I'd developed earlier for censorware research (which, remember, I've been forced to quit from lack of support, note the following involved no decryption and hence no risk of being sued).

I sent the following mail - if anyone reading this is in India, can they confirm or deny the results?

Folks, can I ask a question about this part of the report?

> Indeed, our testing shows that at least two other domains,
> and are being
> filtered by the Indian ISPs because they share the same IP address
> as

Am I missing something? I did a quick search, and saw there are several more sites at the same IP as ( Notably: - Welcome to iPractical Computing - The Jewish Writing Institute - Law Offices of Alan M. Greenberg, P.C. - Welcome To PositiveSpace - Welcome To Tziporah Heller's Home Page

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seth, here's one you might find of interest:

Posted by: bw at May 30, 2004 10:17 AM

Thanks for the additional domains, Seth. I've updated Bulletin 003 ( with additional enumeration information on the 6 additional domains (crediting you of course). They are all inaccessible as well, so no change in that regard.

Posted by: nart at May 31, 2004 02:24 PM