Censorware - Censored Reports

Seth Finkelstein's unpublishable censorware research.

"I don't want to go to jail, I want to go to law school."

-- Ben Edelman , ACLU plaintiff for an unsuccessful DMCA pre-emptive research case

"When it's not your house on the line, when it's not your job, then probably may be enough. ...

For me and my colleagues, probably wasn't enough. Even a 99% chance of getting to keep our houses and savings wasn't enough. Nor should it be. I am still outraged when people ... suggest that it's not a problem if researchers have to put so much at risk just to write or speak on certain topics of public interest."

-- Edward Felten of DMCA "secure music" research case fame.

The items below are linked to general descriptions of censorware research which I cannot complete and publish, due to fear of legal liability.

N2H2's "State Secrets" - An examination of the junk/duplication/fallacious counting in a blacklist.

A Survey of Censorware Cryptography - From newspaper-puzzle level substitutions, to "DES", what's actually used?

Code == Speech, or The DMCA As Technical Obscenity - If code is speech, is the DMCA the equivalent of obscenity law?

BESS and the Ineffable Name - They Who Cannot Be Searched!

Reverse-Engineering SmartFilter - Self-explanatory.

See also: DMCA testimony

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