September 06, 2003

Carlisle Barracks censorware's

Censorware ... it's not just for libraries anymore (in the US) ...

According to the article Carlisle Barracks blocks Web site:

Saturday, September 06, 2003 BY MATT MILLER Of The Patriot-News

CARLISLE - A freedom of speech battle is brewing over a decision by Carlisle Barracks leaders to block access to an Internet site that purports to uncover military corruption.

The move to bar Army post workers from logging onto was taken to "preserve morale, good order and discipline," barracks spokeswoman Lt. Col. Merideth Bucher said.

"The command blocked access to the Web site from government work stations because of complaints by Carlisle Barracks employees that this site consists of rumors, unsubstantiated allegations, innuendo and personal name-calling," Bucher said.

(more at link)

Note this doesn't look like a censorware company blacklist issue, but rather a specific directive that a local installation ban a political site (to "preserve morale, good order and discipline").

My own point is that censorware is not just for parents who want to "protect children". It's intrinsically for control of what people are allowed to read.

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