February 25, 2003

Google removal - Chester's Guide to Molesting Google

From: Seth Finkelstein
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Subject: IT: Google removal - Chester's Guide to Molesting Google
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 11:27:35 -0500

New report:

Chester's Guide to Molesting Google

Abstract: This report examines a newspaper-led campaign to have a site removed from both its host and the Google search index. The uproar turned out to originate from a single page of text of "sick humor".

I've investigated the background behind a campaign of a UK newspaper, the "Chester Chronicle", to have material removed from the web (not successfully - so far) and from Google's index (successfully!). The campaign appears to be a "moral panic" arising from confusing an archived text column of "sick humor", written under a pen-name of "Chester the Molester", for a paedophile site.

URL of Chester Chronicle article describing success against Google index:

"Sick website taken down"

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