Seth Finkelstein's Anticensorware Investigations - Censorware exposed

October 2003: DMCA Victory - The Copyright Office had renewed the DMCA exemption for censorware:
"based primarily ... by one person, Seth Finkelstein" !
See my April 2003 Library Of Congress DMCA censorware testimony .
(Update November 2006: Exemption expired)

Support needed! Legal and financial support is needed to continue this work!

June, 2002: Federal censorware law overturned . And the court seems to have used my reports as one factor in its decision (Update: reversed )

I'm profiled in the New York Times of July 19, 2001! See Cracking the Code Of Online Censorship

I'm honored:


Ennis, Finkelstein, and Perrin Presented Awards at EFF's Tenth Annual Pioneer Awards Ceremony
Seth Finkelstein - Anti-censorship activist and programmer Seth Finkelstein spent hundreds of unpaid and uncredited hours over several years to decrypt and expose to public scrutiny the secret contents of the most popular censorware blacklists. Seth has been active in raising the level of public awareness about the dangers that Internet content blocking software and rating/labeling schemes pose to freedom of communication. His work has armed many with information of great assistance in the fight against government mandated use of these systems.

My EFF 2001 Pioneer Award page now has all the wonderful nominations describing my excellent decryption work .

My investigations:

Other material:

I've co-authored a "White Paper" for the "National Research Council" with Lee Tien of EFFBlacklisting Bytes

In addition, see my Censorware Essays

Note I'm the former chief programmer for the Censorware Project , and proud to be an honored member of Peacefire .

However, the work on these pages is not associated with either of those two organizations.

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