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[ Verified - blacklisted as "Sex" ]

[Summary - SmartFilter blacklisted a major anti-censorship site as 'Sex'. - about censorship and free speech

Of course, after this is publicized, SmartFilter'll eventually change it, and the censorware blacklist will be assumed perfect once again ...

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From: Irene Graham
To: stop-censorship [at]
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 14:13:25 +1000
Subject: [STOP] Smartfilter blocks anti-censorship site as Sex

An addition to the never ending story of wrong blocks by filtering software...

Smartfilter V3.01 blocks my entire site, which discusses freedom of speech, censorship, and yes, the problems of filtering software:

under the category "Sex" aka porn.

Smartfilter V3.01 URL checker:

I have emailed Smartfilter asking them to please explain.


[SmartFilter said they'd fix it, by March 22]

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