IT: Google Spam Filtering Gone Bad

Seth Finkelstein sethf at
Tue Oct 7 17:05:12 CDT 2003

In the past few days, there's been a problem with Google. For certain
combinations of search terms, Googe has returned no results or very
few results.

This has been documented on the "GoogleWhack" site ( )
on the page "Google NACK" -

I believe I have discovered the cause. I conjecture it is a consequence of
Google trying to eliminate spam search results, but instead, in certain
cases, wrongly eliminating all subsequent search results. See:

Google Spam Filtering Gone Bad

Abstract: This report describes a problem which caused Google to
return very few, or no, results for particular combinations of search
terms. It is almost certain this is a consequence of search results
being post-processed by spam-defense which has gone awry.

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