June 12, 2008

Judge Alex Kozinski "Porn Site" links

Some resources on the Judge Alex Kozinski "Porn Site" story:

A closely watched obscenity trial in Los Angeles federal court was suspended Wednesday after the judge acknowledged maintaining his own publicly accessible website featuring sexually explicit photos and videos.

Quick overview: "Judges Gone Wild"

In one of the wonders of the Internet, much of the material itself has been collected elsewhere:

What "Stuff" was on Judge Kozinski's Personal Website?

USLaw.com has been able to partially recreate the content which was described by Judge Kozinski as "funny... odd and interesting... part of life" (and we agree). The hundred plus files constitute the type of "viral" videos and images that are commonly circulated among men of a certain humor by email.

Apparently this was done by someone who wanted to settle a score against Kozinski:

The L.A. Times's Tipster on Kozinski's Porn: Cyrus Sanai

Small world: I had, err, something to do with the specific anti-censorware effort years ago mentioned in many of the articles describing his opposition to having censorware imposed on the courts.

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UPDATE: Justice was cowed. Judge Kozinski recused himself from the obscenity case earlier today. How similar were the videos on his website and the images involved in the government's case against artist Ira Isaac? Judge for yourself.

Compare the images posted on the Kozinski website to those from the videos the government claims are criminally obscene:

USA vs. Ira Isaacs art images

Posted by: USLaw.com at June 13, 2008 07:21 PM