July 16, 2007

Google Roundup: Cookies, Getting Rid of Wikipedia (Results), Song

Links for the underheard, in a futile gesture to whip the Long Tail.

Did you hear? Google will lower, to two years, the expiration time of its universal spying device, I mean, cookie. It'll just link to Michael Zimmer on Google cookie expiration:

My hunch is that the brilliant data-mining minds at Google recognize that if someone hasn't searched on Google in two years, their past history probably isn't a good indicator of their current needs. So, if linking to two-year-old data isn't all that valuable, they might as well just dump the cookie altogether. It doesn't harm their data-mining needs - and it's good PR.

[See also "More of Peter Fleischer Misleading on Google Data Retention" - he said it, I didn't.]

From the everybody talks about Wikipedia taking over Google results but finally someone did something about it department:

Will Critchlow: Search Google without wikipedia - a Firefox search plugin

Here at Distilled, it's something that came up in conversation a few times, so we decided to do something about it - we have created a Firefox search plugin that enables you to search Google without getting wikipedia results

[See also the CustomizeGoogle solution]

Humor: Lauren Weinstein - "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major Googler"

And if you're really good it seems to us that you at least possess,
The skill to quote from memory full source of the Linux OS.

[Rumor has it that this line is only a slight exaggeration of what they expect]

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Thanks for picking up the plugin :-) - glad you like it (Tom - aka will's brother and another member of the Distilled team)

Posted by: Tom at July 17, 2007 09:28 AM

Google should give people the option:
1) (default) retain search records for 18 months
2) Retain no records
3) Grant ownership of the records to the user (non-exclusively licensed to Google), to be instantaneously and continuously published for as long as Google desires.

I think option 3 would be surprisingly popular, like a sort of twitter-cam of one's search box. It also levels the playing field: Googles gets the records forever, but then so does everyone else.

How many seconds before a Google/Twitter plug-in?

Posted by: Crosbie Fitch at July 18, 2007 11:22 AM