May 21, 2007

Walt Crawford (Cites & Insights) is "exploring new possibilities"

Walt Crawford, of Cites & Insights fame, is "seeking a mutually-beneficial situation":

Ever thought you or one of the groups you work for or with could use a Walt Crawford?

Here's your chance.

The RLG-OCLC transition will be complete in September. I've received a termination notice from OCLC, effective September 30, 2007.

I'm interested in exploring new possibilities. For now I'm trying not to narrow the options too much.


If you have acquaintances who are unlikely to see this blog, within groups that work for/with libraries, publishers, vendors, search-engine makers, consortia, what have you - where you think I might be a good fit, I'd be delighted if you told them about this.

[If this isn't on the top of some buzz-tracker, there is no justice in the world]

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in misc | on May 21, 2007 06:17 PM (Infothought permalink)
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Thanks for the post. It will be interesting to see how this plays out (although there's the old curse about living in interesting times). Maybe you're the wrong person to ask about there being justice in the world...

Posted by: walt at May 21, 2007 09:17 PM