February 21, 2007

.XXX domain public comments to ICANN - Round 2 IN PROGRESS

The .XXX domain proposal has been revised and is going through a second round of comments:

Consistent with the direction given by the ICANN Board as described in the Preliminary Report of the 12 February 2007 Special Meeting of the Board, ICANN today posted for public comment a revised Appendix S [PDF, 108K] of the proposed registry agreement with ICM (sponsoring organisation for the proposed .XXX registry).


Deadline seems to be March 9 2007 (the website says Feb 9 2007, I think that's a typo).

Money quote:

Roberto Gaetano said that he believed that there was significant opposition from the adult entertainment industry as they come to understand the repercussions and operation of this domain. He thought a substantial number in that community had changed their mind over the last six months. He said when the Board has evidence of substantial opposition that must be taken into account. He noted for .TRAVEL the Board had only one statement of opposition. In this case there had been hundreds.

Rita Rodin echoed what she saw as both Vint and Roberto's views. She believed that the reason ICANN had public comment periods was to take into account the views expressed during them. If the Board does not pay attention to those views, she said, this would support the oft-mentioned argument that the Board does pay attention to the community.

There you have it - the more they hear against it, especially from the intended monopoly rent-payers, I mean sponsored community, the harder it is to put the monopoly rent machine in place.

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in censorware | on February 21, 2007 01:03 PM (Infothought permalink)
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