February 06, 2007

.XXX ICANN comments - enormous opposition

I skimmed through the dot-XXX domain ICANN forum to see how the public comment on the .XXX domain was proceeding, and my impression is that it's overwhelmingly negative towards .XXX.

For example, in terms of opposition based on trademark concerns: MarkMonitor's concerns regarding the intellectual property impacts associated with the .XXX Application and Agreement

In order to address the second issue, we would like ICANN and the ICM registry to recognize that brand holders as well as many other individuals and organizations view the launch of .xxx as an unfair means of extracting fees for defensive registrations and STOP proceedings. ... [snip]

As we represent a large number of brand holders, we urge ICANN and ICM to consult with intellectual property community before finalizing the .xxx agreement to ensure that appropriate brand related protections are adopted to minimize the potential damage to major brands throughout the world.

Internet Commerce Association Opposes Approval of the Revised Proposed Agreement on .XXX and Urges Rejection with Finality

Interesting nuanced objection from: Government of Canada comments on the proposed ICM Registry Agreement

ICANN was not conceived to be the global Internet content regulator. It has had some difficulty establishing legitimacy and full acceptance in carrying out its primary function related to managing the domain name system. ICANN's becoming engaged in content regulation through its contracts with TLDs risks undermining its legitimacy and purpose at a time when these need to be reinforced and strengthened.

There's a few professional pro-.XXX submissions in the pile, but I'm not going to comment specifically on them here since I don't want to be unfair to their arguments (I think the arguments put forth are generally ludicrous and monetarily self-interested, but a detailed rebuttal would take substantial time to write).

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in censorware | on February 06, 2007 11:19 AM (Infothought permalink)
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