June 05, 2005

Authority, Mediating, Hierarchy, etc. again

It's been an interesting week for A-list-watchers. The launch of a radio show led to discussions about brand bloggers, mediating, long considerations of authority, attention, hierarchy, spinning out to everything from seeds of the longtailer's manifesto to conjectured layers of onions.

But, how much good does it do? Won't we still put trust in gatekeepers? Are there any lessons learned? Since blogging is more broadcasting than conversing, there seems no hope of flattening the curve.

So I'm wondering again if this all does much good. sad face

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in cyberblather | on June 05, 2005 11:59 PM (Infothought permalink)
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In other words, the Dave, Mike, Shelley, and Jon show. Lest anyone accuse us being self-referential.

And my "Lessons Learned" piece was NOT A-List watching... it was self-referential to me.

Posted by: Jon Garfunkel at June 6, 2005 09:16 AM

FYI: Publicity is a whore. Don't go looking for it.

Posted by: anonymous at June 6, 2005 01:56 PM

We can add Michael Dietz

Posted by: Seth Finkelstein at June 7, 2005 12:56 AM