March 21, 2005

Launch (OurMedia), Cites (Insights), (A) Lists, (Censorware) Study

A quick round-up post of links that, for one reason or another, should be made:

1. JD Lasica sent:

After nine months of planning, designing, coding, hair-pulling, and more coding, is launching this morning.

Please check us out:

More about our long odyssey, and what it may mean, at my blog:

I'll add my puny contribution to help the launch, with whatever tiny 'rank/'rati/'pop I can provide.

2. Walt Crawford has released Cites & Insights 5:5. Read it for the section on:

Broadcast Flag and Grokster

... If you think about it, the broadcast flag rulemaking is rather extraordinary. It's not about broadcast quality, interference, channel allocation, or any area you'd expect the FCC to regulate. Instead, it's about what happens to digital broadcast material after it's received--an area that would seem well outside FCC's jurisdiction. ...

[Update HTML version "Locking Down Technology"]

3. Jon Garfunkel - "Bloggers from the A-List to the Z-List".
Funny take on the various hierarchies ("The Be-list. Or more precisely, the Wanna-Be list." ... "The H-list is for those members of the A-list who are affiliated with Hahvahd, since one entry in this list isn't enough for them. " ... "The Why-list. Why is the blogosphere so self -focused? "). Many. many, amusing links.

4. Internet Filtering in the United Arab Emirates in 2004-2005: A Country Study".
Sigh. What might have been ...

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Thanks as always...although the quote you use is a quotation from a different Crawford, Susan, who actually knows something about this stuff.

IANAL; she is. (Never met her...)

Posted by: Walt Crawford at March 22, 2005 11:14 AM

Oops. The quote *is* my writing. I quote Susan Crawford's eloquent take a couple paragraphs later.

Posted by: Walt Crawford at March 22, 2005 12:41 PM