December 01, 2004

China and Censoring Google News

The following post is a service of "Almost everyone else is echoing it, but I'll add some value so people don't complain that I only talk about my struggles with activism".

The latest Google censorship story has its echo-chamber root in the following Reporters Without Borders story:

Google urged to react after Chinese authorities block Google News

"China is censoring Google News to force Internet users to use the Chinese version of the site which has been purged of the most critical news reports," Reporters Without Borders said. "By agreeing to launch a news service that excludes publications disliked by the government, Google has let itself be used by Beijing."

For some ground-level info, go read the comments on "Shanghai-based journalist" Fons Tuinstra's site (via Dan Gillmor)

"The current block on Google News is a strange one, since only a few of the Google IP addresses have been blocked. The discussion on what is going on is still in full swing, the association RWB makes with the Chinese google site seems one of the less likely ones." (Fons Tuinstra)

[I also did a quick check myself, the ban is sometimes there, but the small implementation seems an accurate description]

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