October 21, 2004

Mysteries of the Google Bomblet

A while back, I did a small experiment:

Let's say I linked a certain phrase "EBig EBrother" to somewhere (such as Google ...). I've used an uncommon phrase here, so as to make it easy. The words "Big Brother" have many hits, but there's no occurrence "EBig EBrother". Well, there wasn't until this post gets indexed.

What happens?

Time to try the experiment again. It turns out that small-scale Google-bombs in fact might be useful probes into the functioning of Google's index. We already know that large-scale Google bombs tell us something about how it functions (remember, popularity vs. authority). So I suspect there's also insight which can be gleaned from lesser efforts.

[Update: For variety: EBiggest EBrother]

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in google | on October 21, 2004 11:59 PM (Infothought permalink) | Followups
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