September 03, 2004

John Young cypherpunk poetry (about Greplaw Interview discussion)

John Young, the cypherpunk poet wrote a poem (posted to a mailing list) about the fallout and arguments from Mike Godwin's actions and my Greplaw Interview. I found it amusing enough to repost, with a rough English translation of the poetry (what other blogs have, not merely cypherpunk poetry, but annotated cypherpunk poetry?)

The basic idea of the poem is John Young saying he enjoys a good flame-war, so people calling on me and Mike Godwin to be nice to each other should just shut-up, as flames are much more laudable (note the poetry often acts to obscure an idea which would be very debatable if stated in clear prose).

According to wise ones here Seth and Mike have become hollow versions of their formerly entertaining personas, Seth and Mike [Godwin] are now shells of their former flamer selves
or appear to have transmogrified into silly pretenders of being more mature (spit) and above the fray (puke), they've become old and boring, the fuddy-duddies
with both issuing unbelievable condescensions as if unctioning vapidly, vacuously for the record (gag) trying to appear dignified as if they care about their image
rather than continue in their raw-meated, net-loosened all too long professional-career tied-tongues.instead of the glorious flaming they'd do when freed from the constraints of appearing "professional"
Hardly worth reading, these calls for forgetting the audacious, literary, eloquent enviable Seth and Mike, good reading to be reminded of what they did and can again do best: Forgive-and-forget is dull, give me a good flame-war
spout the hardly spitten out loud in public, without calculated beforehand and afterhand apologies,speak your mind without thinking about it
no shading the lingo for impressing judgmental argumentators and writ-job dispensers and reputation mark-uppers,not being sensitive for the sake of libel or people who care about reputation
no fearing of public resource squandering litigation (loogey), or being sued
no hoping, angling for erasure, faint-hearted and auto-second-guessed,or taking back what you said
of passionate outbursts --  
shit, bloviated judges do that to set the record straight (rip-tongues)Pompous judges take-back what they say
after Janusing their inchoacies at decrypting-genius stenographers.after altering their blather when it's figured-out by court reporters
Out damn decorum, Don't give a damn
keep that the poker-face lying recordabout what was said
in monocular penitentiary of justicican halls[something about one-eyed (connecting to poker-face), imprisonment - I can't translate this line, particularly "justicican"]
where pantopticonism terrifies self-over-correcting wutzes.where everything-being-seen scares fussy wimps.
Up incorrigibles,Praise the "unreasonable",
beyond-median-spiritedly, those who are ill-tempered and
wine-driven-oracular mostso.uninhibited truth-tellers, praise them the most.

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in activism | on September 03, 2004 11:59 PM (Infothought permalink) | Followups
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dude! never mind berkmann fellowship. you, sir, should be president! Take Dean's advice, and run for office.

Posted by: beat waydown at September 4, 2004 08:37 AM

Nonsequitor, but did you see this one?

Posted by: Lis Riba at September 7, 2004 11:53 PM