August 22, 2004

SmartFilter Blacklists Gay City-Sponsored Event From City's Own Library

[Remember, censorware marketing flacks can say anything, without opposition ]

Capital mix-up over Mardi Gras

Capital mix-up over Mardi Gras
Aug 21 2004 Aled Blake, The Western Mail

A Welsh council was accused of hypocrisy yesterday after barring its computers access to a national gay and lesbian event which it supports.

Cardiff County Council stopped its computers from accessing the city's Mardi Gras website - despite an endorsement from its new leader.

Computers at libraries in Cardiff could not get into the website, which promotes the city's gay and lesbian festival in September, because software it uses automatically stopped users getting into the site.

The council lifted the ban yesterday afternoon after complaints from people trying to log on to the Cardiff Mardi Gras homepage. ...

A spokeswoman for Cardiff Council said, "The council operates a policy to monitor and control the content of sites accessible to council employees and members of the public.

"In order to do this we use a product called 'Smartfilter' provided by an external company which gives us a database containing millions of categorised websites updated daily.


SmartFilter blacklists Cardiff site as Pornography

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