June 19, 2004

Cites & Insights July 2004

Walt Crawford has written even more material of his library 'zine (not blog) "Cites & Insights", releasing the July 2004 issue, (I haven't even finished with the Copyright special issue)

The best technical part are the extended discussion of E-books, audio CD and DVD burning, and monetizing the 'zine. But I must say I most enjoyed his, err, unedited human voice, in certain observations:

Joi Ito may be one of the new gods of the internet, but based on a little Wired item he might want to learn to ask about prices. Going on a business trip, he got a new cell phone that allowed him to connect his notebook to the Internet via GPRS. Internet everywhere. "It was sooo cool..." The access rates were on the company's website, but I guess it's like actually listening to speakers at a conference: The A-list can't be bothered. ...


I don't know David Weinberger. I have yet to figure out what Orkut's good for, other than some bizarro notion that I could make meaningful contact with more than 400,000 people because of my 17 "friends" (most of whom are casual acquaintances). I do know that Weinberger's essay pushed me even further to the view I held when I started reading the whole set of comments and feedback, at least as applied to the kinds of conferences I would tend to attend or speak at. I won't bother to repeat that view; it's not one that celebrates backchat.

The world looks different to non-Alisters :-)

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Or, for that matter, to those of us who are A-listers (of sorts) only within our own fields.

Thanks for the comment. If my only-sometimes-edited voice ever stops showing through in C&I, that's definitely when I'd give it up!

(The whole backchat thing is confusing largely because I became aware of it through a post and many, many comments on the blog of a long-time acquaintance, who I knew before she was an A-lister.)

Posted by: Walt Crawford at June 20, 2004 02:34 PM