April 27, 2004

World Censorship Research

[As with the EFF technical director position, I'll make this a blog entry. because I suspect people will suggest it to me. Please don't tell me about it. I know. Anything that happens, or inversely, doesn't happen, will not be because I never heard of them, or they never heard of me. OK?]

"Researchers Join Forces to Expose Net Censorship"

April 26, 2004 -- For Immediate Release

An international team of academics from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Toronto has begun monitoring worldwide Internet censorship and surveillance.

"The Open Net Initiative represents a new approach to university-based research," says Cambridge University's Rafal Rohozinski. "We fuse cutting-edge intelligence-derived techniques with a networked model of analysis that includes some of the brightest minds in this field - we are striving to become the eyes and ears on digital censorship worldwide."

The Open Net Initiative (ONI) was formed in 2004 with support from the Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute and represents a partnership among groups at three leading global universities: Cambridge, Harvard, and Toronto. As Harvard's Jonathan Zittrain explains, "The aim of the ONI is to excavate, analyze, and report censorship and surveillance practices in a rigorous, ongoing fashion. In order to fully understand the Internet's evolution, we must be able to map it empirically."

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Important material here. I have added you to my list of Knowledge Management links. The world will beat a path to your door. Well, maybe not the world. Maybe just a few people who read my blog. I will certainly be beating a path to your door on a regular basis.

Posted by: Yvonne DiVita at April 28, 2004 08:19 AM