April 24, 2004

"Jew Watch" Update: FRONT PAGE of site on blacklist (or not?)

I've updated my report with a new development, breaking news:

"Jew Watch", Google, and Search Engine Optimization

Google has now added the front page of the JewWatch.com site, that is, the url http://www.jewwatch.com/, to their internal blacklist. blacklist. The site itself has not been removed from Google's index. However, now the front page of the site will never appear in any Google search. So that front page will be gone when searching for the word "Jew"

This effect can be verified by doing a search for the words: Jew Watch. Ordinarily, the front page of the JewWatch.com site would appear in the top spot. But currently, other site pages appear further down in the search results. And in a wonderful twist of fate, since the site front page has been suppressed, [my] writing is in the top spot for that search! ("subtleties of language" can lead to unintended consequences ...).

[See also the coverage at searchenginewatch.com]

UPDATE 4/24 3:25pm: According to Google, the homepage is empty now, not because of blacklisting, but because the site was down for a time while changing servers.

As relayed by tripias.com: "Director of Corporate Communications David Krane replied to my initial email within a matter of hours (actually in the middle of the night on a Friday night, surprisingly), and had this to say:"

"No, Google did not blacklist or make any other manual change to intentionally remove the jewwatch.com website from our index. It does not currently appear in Google's search results because the website was offline for a number of days last week. In our most recent crawl of the web, we were unable to reach the jewwatch.com website, therefore it was not included in our index. Now that the site is back up again, it's likely that at some point soon, jewwatch.com will re-appear in Google."

Danny Sullivan at searchenginewatch.com has a similar update.

[Update 4/24 6pm: Tripias has the scoop that Jew Watch's New ISP to Stay ]

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