February 21, 2004

"Cites & Insights" March 2004, on hijacking of censorware.org domain

Walt Crawford's library 'zine (not blog) "Cites & Insights" in the March 2004 issue, has follow-up coverage regarding the hijacking of the Censorware Project domain renewed by Michael Sims. It's on page 15, "The Censorware Project Hijacking".

He recounts the various protests against Slashdot "editor" Michael Sims' hijack of censorware.org, and then writes:

You may know how I feel about slashdot: It's not the first place I'd go for sensible discussion and thoughtful disagreement. But the editors there have a louder voice (as much as 1,000 times louder) in the online community than people like Seth Finkelstein. He says he cannot continue to do unpaid Censorware and DMCA work that might get him sued, when that's combined with existing and potential damage from well-publicized attacks by a slashdot editor. That's a shame.

Thank you, Walt.

I've made a page annotating and collecting the statements, in case people are searching for the full text:


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