February 04, 2004

Google, Joe Trippi, and me - or, I Want To Start A Google-Bomb!

Rather than continuing the political punditry, let me segue into an intriguing Google result my recent posts have generated.

It turns out that, right now, my post Howard Dean, Joe Trippi, and Bubble Valuation has the #9 position for a Google search for the phrase "Joe Trippi" .

I'm not worthy!

Or am I? :-)

This intrigues me. FastCompany.com, MSNBC.com, CNN.com, SethF.com ...
Which one of these is out of place? (Granted, there's a joke here about it not being difficult to be better than the media in terms of reporting, but still ...). I assume it won't last, but I wonder how long I'll be on the top ten page there.

I'm NOT A-List. I'm at the 100-150 readers level (I also get more readers sometimes from Google searches than I do directly!). Hmm ...

Set Us Up The Bomb.

No, not linking "Joe Trippi" to my post Howard Dean, Joe Trippi, and Bubble Valuation. That's mean. Rather, I'm wondering just how much Google can be gamed (apologies, it's in the name of science).

Proposal: Link the term "bubble" to "www.deanforamerica.com". As in, the bubble which is/was the Dean campaign. This is a bit different than ordinary, as "bubble" is not an obscure term. It also seems to be a term on Google's dictionary for its Bayesian spam filter, so that's a confounding factor. On the other hand, people might actually do it, a key ingredient in a successful Google-bomb.

The power, the power ...

[I was going to put a screenshot of the search results here, since someone said I needed pictures, but it's a very boring picture, especially to devote a whole screen. Maybe I need to get a cat for my blog.]

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