December 10, 2003

CNN, "web porn", and censorware PR Managers

Greplaw has an item
CNN article on growth of web porn, about " - Sex sells, especially to Web surfers":

posted by scubacuda on Wednesday December 10, @02:07PM
from the What-would-Seth-say? dept.

David Burt writes "This is from the study I released when there was still an N2H2, and it offers the most detailed look at the growth of Internet porn I am aware of. Since then, we've been acquired by Secure Computing, and I've been named PR Manager. Porn growth: 1998 14 m. pages, 71k sites; 1999: 25 m. pages,129 k sites; 2000: 48 m. pages, 242 k sites; 2001 62 m. pages, 311 k sites; 2002 177 m. pages, 887 k sites; 2003 260 m. pages, 1.3 m. sites.

Kathee Brewer, technology editor of porn industry news site AVN Online, makes a good point in the CNN article that David links to:

"[C]ritics of porn sites are attempting to blur the lines between law-abiding adult content and banned obscene material. "People can be easily led, and the mere twist of a phrase -- like substituting 'obscenity' for 'pornography' -- can have a profound effect on basically good folk who want to do the right thing but don't know exactly how to go about it."

What would Seth say? Well, that ...

I have more to say, but I've said enough for now.

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