December 07, 2003

Censorware vs. privacy - newspaper article

The issue that censorware requires control of people, not "filtering" of content, seems to at last be edging into awareness. Note the following interesting newspaper article:

Workers fight back with software that blocks Big Brother's view:

While the boss is watching for illicit e-mail and naughty Web surfing on the job, some workers may now be fighting back. ...

But employees intent on skirting company rules have a growing arsenal of weapons at their disposal to help them avoid getting caught with their digital pants down, including privacy-enhancing services that code messages, fake identities and "anonymize" online communications.

"Yes, there are different privacy technologies that can be used by people to prevent this from happening to them in the workplace," said Dov Smith, spokesman for Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc., a Montreal software company testing a new product, Freedom, that lets users communicate online using encryption and pseudonyms.

Psst ... BESS's Secret LOOPHOLE (censorware vs. privacy & anonymity)

I published that years ago now. (Almost) nobody heard. It did get used in the District Court CIPA (censorware) decision. So I suppose it wasn't a total waste.

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