December 04, 2003

It's Possible For ALL Sides To Lose (RSS Wars)

I saw the flare-up in the "RSS wars" (the arguments over the format for conveying article headlines) today, no links out of self-preservation. And in a bit of serendipity, an article about Microsoft dominance strategy crossed my screen. I was thinking, it really is possible for everyone on the free/open side to lose. I've managed so far not to get really hurt by D've W'ner, despite my views of blog-bubblism, so I probably should say as little as possible. But the whole thing reminded me yet again in an unpleasant way of some of the issues in the old bad censorware politics. Yes, you can all lose, in terms of the cause, everyone, though of course some people can come out ahead on a personal level.

It's like watching a real Prisoner's Dilemma unfold. Nobody wants to say "You're right, we'll do it all your way, you're in charge". It's easy to dismiss this as personality or ego, but there's much deeper and more fundamental divisions.

Well, I have no particular solution. In fact, I'm just hoping I don't suffer from this posting, which is a measure of how little I can do.

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in politics | on December 04, 2003 11:59 PM (Infothought permalink) | Followups
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