November 12, 2003 (Sobel): "Internet Filters and Public Libraries"

"First Report" released:

"Internet Filters and Public Libraries" by David L. Sobel is a new First Report now available from the First Amendment Center.

Sobel , general counsel of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, examines the effects of the U.S. Supreme Court's June 2003 ruling in U.S. v. American Library Association, which declared the Children's Internet Protection Act constitutional. CIPA mandates that libraries accepting federal funds install [censorware] to block access to [visual] material that is "obscene," "child pornography" or "harmful to minors."

It's an excellent report, recommended.

One little part did leap out at me:

A series of studies conducted by the Censorware Project documented the over-inclusive nature of commercially available filtering systems. One such study found that the SmartFilter product, which was installed by the Utah public school system, denied access to more than 500,000 Web sites.


One of these days, I should write up the complete behind-the-scenes circus about that study. Including the full story of why I'm not a co-author, despite the fact it wouldn't have existed without me (and no idle boast there).

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