July 26, 2003

Axis-Of-Copyright lawyer's definition of censorware

The "Axis-Of-Copyright" (MPAA/RIAA/etc) lawyer has an almost amusing reply in the Post-Hearing QA for the DMCA censorware exemption follow-up question, roughly about defining censorware. He gives it as:

"Compilations, not otherwise accessible, consisting of lists of websites that are employed in connection with commercially marketed filtering software applications to prevent access to Internet sites containing content deemed to be obscene, child pornography, harmful to minors, or otherwise inappropriate for display in a defined public setting."

This borders on funny in terms of how the language is loaded. It might just as well have been:

Compilations, ... of websites that are EVIL, EVIL, EVIL, and no right-thinking respectable person would ever want to see!

(in contrast, the DMCA Joint Reply Of Seth Finkelstein and James S. Tyre gives a definition of "Programs designed and optimized for use by an authority to prevent another person from sending or receiving information.")

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in censorware , dmca | on July 26, 2003 09:51 PM (Infothought permalink) | Followups
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