May 19, 2003

N2H2 (censorware co.) case document research trip report

Donna Wentworth at Copyfight has written
"... a little bird tells me we will be hearing more from a certain Mr. Edelman 'round about mid-week."

By pure coincidence, Friday I went by the Massachusetts US District Court clerk's office, and examined the case file (court documents) of Edelman v. N2H2. Note I'm not involved in the case in any way, just a very interested spectator.

I was hoping there would be a transcript of the oral argument regarding the motion to dismiss. The case was dismissed for lack of standing, so technically that doesn't tell us anything about the issues themselves. But having been in the courtroom myself, to me the attitude of the judge was, err, chilling.

But there didn't seem to be a transcript of that oral argument. Just the clerk's note that the result of the argument was under advisement. I was later told by a lawyer that such transcripts usually have to be ordered, and aren't normally made unless there's some specific interest in a transcript.

There was nothing all that interesting in the case file. I was disappointed to find out that the material concerning "budget for costs" (apparently something to do with mediation as an alternative) didn't have any figures. I wonder sometimes how much the litigation cost N2H2, because I know lawyers don't come cheap.

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