April 30, 2003


Website crashed ... rebuilding ... more later ...

Not dead yet ...


The Lynx server suffered a hardware failure on April 28th at approximately 7:00 a.m. We have made every attempt to recover data from its drives, but unfortunately some data was lost. ...


I have NO, ZERO, NONE, files restored. My account seems now completely empty. Are you saying everything has been destroyed?!

Reply: (from http://www.phpwebhosting.com/ support)


Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are saying. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

ARGH! The word "inconvenience" is not exactly what comes to mind!!!

Luckily, I was able to reconstruct the blog and core site files, with substantial effort. I lost some mailing-list address member data, and other operating data, which isn't fun, but at least the basic site survived.

I've been asked if there was foul play involved. No, this wasn't malicious, like the Michael Sims domain-hijacking (search for "shut down"). Though I was indeed trusting someone else, where in retrospect, I shouldn't have. I suppose can look forward to more slams in the future for being "paranoid". But this is the second time where even partially saved information has ameliorated a disaster.

I've had it with the "service" of http://www.phpwebhosting.com/ . Yes, things happen, but there's a limit to how much "inconvenience" one can stand.

I'd like to thank Robert Helmer of Project Geek (and Daily Whirl and Daily Rotation and Shell City ...) for his efforts in expediting site setup for me. Due to his help, I was able to transfer as fast as DNS could propagate.

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