March 28, 2003

Clear Channel, and "Rally For America"

[Sent this for Dave Farber's list a day or so ago, but it didn't make the cut]

Years ago, in futile attempts at spreading skepticism, I would often dig into whatever "hot story" was making the rounds of the Net. Now I've come to realize that is a mug's game. Whatever puny reach I have, it is less than the smallest whimper in the mighty media echo chamber.

These rallies are not exactly grassroots. But they are being flacked at a level far below top management. The idea does seem to have started with Glenn Beck, then gone up to a few like-minded radio stations, and been pushed relatively tepidly by a subsidiary of Clear Channel, "Premium Radio Networks". But, it's PR opportunities being taken, and jumping on the bandwagon, as opposed to a top-down directive. That's not a surprise, in the middle of a war.

One of the earliest press releases is at:

And a more recent press release (my emphasis):
Press Release
Source: Premiere Radio Networks
"Glenn Beck's Rallies for American Troops to Be Held This Weekend in Fort Wayne and Richmond"

Look, if this were a corporate directive, in no way would they be putting Glenn Beck's name on it, as part of the title.

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