March 20, 2003

Al Gore "invented the Internet" smear debunking

[Sent this for Dave Farber's list today, but it didn't seem to make the cut]

Dave, with the appointment of Al Gore to the Apple Board of Directors, I've seen yet another burst of comments repeating the smear that he made the claim to have "invented the Internet". This time around, there's some debunking, but it's still an idea embedded in the public consciousness. I've started a collection of debunking links and resources, at:

Al Gore "invented the Internet" - resources

This includes links to:

CNN Transcript

Al Gore and The Internet
Red Rock Eater News Service, Phil Agre, Mar. 28 2000

Al Gore's support of the Internet, by V.Cerf and B.Kahn [ I second this djf]

Did Gore invent the Internet?
Salon, Scott Rosenberg, Oct. 5, 2000

Al Gore and the Creation of the Internet
First Monday, Richard Wiggins, October 2000

If there's interest, I'll expand the resources to encompass lesser material about the story which isn't well-known, such as Declan McCullagh's (the story's inventor) historical rearguard defense of it:

"And I'm not about to change what I write or how I write based on the efforts of Democratic partisans such as you (and I note that Phill [Hallam-Baker] earlier today complained to my editors)." (3 Oct 2000)

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