December 09, 2002

Copyright Office - DMCA comments need to FOLLOW THE SPEC

The Copyright Office is reminding people who want to submit comments on the DMCA 2002 rulemaking, that comment have to follow their format. (see my guide - How To Win (DMCA) Exemptions And Influence Policy) If the comments don't follow the required format, the comments don't get considered.

The Copyright Office comment submission form now says (their emphasis):

Important Note: Most of the comments received thus far do not comply with the requirements for submission. Comments that do not meet all of the requirements will not be considered.

Before submitting your comment attachment, verify that your comment attachment:

  • Includes the commenter's name;

  • Includes an identification of a particular class of works proposed for exemption on the comment attachment;

  • Numbers each particular class of works, if more than one class of works is being proposed for exemption;

  • Provides a summary of the argument for each class of works proposed for exemption; and

  • Provides particular factual support/legal argument for each class of works proposed for exemption explaining how the prohibition on circumvention of technological measures that protect "access" to copyrighted works is adversely affecting identifiable noninfringing uses of that class of works.

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in activism , dmca | on December 09, 2002 03:07 PM (Infothought permalink)

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