November 12, 2002

Copyright And Culture Forum Quotes

The audio for the recent MIT copyright and culture forum is now available

I transcribed a few of my favorite quotes (I was there)

Siva Vaidhyanathan:

"Even though dozens of young lawyers and law students were writing about rap sampling, most of them hadn't a clue about how the music actually works" (12:20)

"It seemed to me that this is the sort of use, the sort of transgressive use, without permission, often in a very critical way, that American culture supports, celebrates, rewards. But apparently American law had a big problem with it." (13:15)

Jonathan Zittrain:

"If you substitute the words "garbage heap" for public domain, you get the sense of what they're figuring when something loses it's copyright." (43:07)

(about the movie It's A Wonderful Life being rerun so many times since it's in the public domain)
"Which actually led Judge Posner to write an article saying that copyright is good, because it prevents us from getting sick of things by restricting their availability. I'm getting somewhat sick of Judge Posner, but that's OK." (44:18)

And I (Seth Finkelstein) can be heard asking a question from the audience:

"Given that we've talked about what the problem is, what do you think are the best ways to get to the result that we want to have?" (1:23:46)

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