September 20, 2002

Banned Websites Week?

[I wrote this for a library list]

Next week is "Banned Books Week". One idea I've had, was that it seemed a very natural fit to include censorware issues here, to have "Banned Websites" too. I've thought this would be a good way to talk about censorware in a civil-libertarian framework.

Last year, I was planning to send out brand-new lists of sites banned by censorware, on every day of the week. But then came the September 11 events, so there was no interest in such lists. This year, there still doesn't seem to be much interest, or maybe I'm ill-situated to do that PR.

For all my technical expertise, I don't think I'm skilled in pulling off any sort of "Banned Websites Week" campaign. So I'll just toss this concept out to the list to see if anyone would like to refine or somehow implement the idea.

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in activism , censorware | on September 20, 2002 05:54 PM (Infothought permalink)

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