September 17, 2002

SmartFilter stupidity - school sites as SEX

On September 18 2002, several civil-liberties groups are sponsoring an event focusing on the impact of a Federal censorware law (CIPA) as applied to schools:

School Communities Give Internet Filtering Law Failing Grade
Research Reports Thousands of Sites Incorrectly Blocked

I'm speaking at the Boston-area press conference. So for talking-points, I decided to bring a few more egregious examples to the party. The twist here is that these aren't websites useful in school, but are schools or school-related themselves. And they are all blacklisted as "Sex".

For more, read

SmartFilter stupidity - school sites as SEX

By Seth Finkelstein | posted in censorware | on September 17, 2002 11:56 PM (Infothought permalink)

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