Seth Finkelstein's Free Speech Memoirs

Regardless of who I actually believe, I never realised how much politics went on among all you free speech advocates. I mean this whole discussion has been illuminating in those respects. I had a more naive view of what happened behind the scenes thus far.

Ram Samudrala, about a particular intense series of messages, netnews (groups, alt.censorship, alt.cypherpunks), March 22, 1997

This is a work in progress, a result of many years of my volunteer, grassroots effort as a free-speech activist. I may never finish it. It may never be finished.

Right now, my apologies, it's very sparse and disjointed. Perhaps more a reference for people who know me, a repository for material I find myself writing over and over. I hope it will improve in time.

Table of Contents:
(unlinked items are placeholders for planned material, items with links have something written)