The Censorware Project Unperson

... CWP likely never would have existed but for [Seth Finkelstein].

This speaks for itself:

Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 00:41:08 -0700
To: cwp <>
From: "James S. Tyre" <jstyre[at-sign]>
Subject: The CWP Unperson

"[Finkelstein], however, was already an unperson He did not exist: he had never existed." -- 1984

Michael, the "why" does not matter, but I just happened to look at, and was surprised and saddened to see that you have removed any reference to Seth. I hardly ever check that page, so I do not know how long ago this was, but I just saw it.

You and he have become enemies, and there is nothing which I can do about that, apparently. But you can not deny the contributions he made, that CWP likely never would have existed but for him.

He had been listed as a former member, though I do not recall the exact language. Unpersoning him is just wrong.

Please reconsider.

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