IT: NRC report on "Youth, Pornography and the Internet"

Seth Finkelstein
Thu, 2 May 2002 13:33:52 -0400

[I submitted testimony to the NRC panel. A related paper I co-authored
with Electronic Frontier Foundation Senior Staff Attorney Lee Tien, is at
"Blacklisting Bytes", Seth Finkelstein and Lee Tien,

	The NRC report on "Youth, Pornography and the Internet"
is now available on the web. It's at:

	See also:

	The executive summary is at:

   Contrary to statements often made in the political debate, the issue
   of protecting children from inappropriate sexually explicit material
   and experiences on the Internet is very complex.  Individuals have
   strong and passionate views on the subject, and these views are often
   mutually incompatible.  Different societal institutions see the issue
   in very different ways and have different and conflicting priorities
   about the values to be preserved.  Different communities--at the
   local, state, national, and international levels--have different
   perspectives.  Furthermore, the technical nature of the Internet has
   not evolved in such a way as to make control over content easy to