Comments: Googlebombing FeministFemaleSexualDysfunction

Mind you, it's not much of a Googlebomb, since so far you're the only person to give me a link, but I can hope...

Posted by Lis Riba at November 21, 2005 09:27 AM

That's the problem with being on the Z-list :-(. And, I think, an interesting little example of what might be different if more women were A-lister's.
You'll need to find someone with a much wider reach to get any effect.

Posted by Seth Finkelstein at November 21, 2005 09:38 AM

Well it has had one effect. One of your very few regular readers now has an opportunity to become one of Lis's very few readers, for which I thank you both.

Posted by Daran at November 26, 2005 03:19 PM