Comments: CNN Blog spam Google conspiracy theory (Nancy Grace)

My message as put to his blog:


I cannot be sure about the origins of the comment, but I would guess that it does not originate from CNN.

If it did originate from CNN, they would not be spamming sites such as that are not overly critical of them.

I would like to propose that this comment in fact originates from a misguided soul who really hates Nancy Grace and hoped to spread the message about how much he hates the new CNN Headline News by spamming a bunch of keywords within his message. This explains why he searched for "cnn blog" or whatever and pasted his message into every comments screen he could find. This guy probably does not understand that search engines can detect such spam.

It's somewhat of a tinfoil theory to say that CNN is attacking blogs-- plus, that sort of tactic would reflect badly on them if they were found out.

Yours sincerely, Anonymous

Posted by Anonymous at April 26, 2005 09:58 AM

From two of the early spams I found, the page rank had lowered to zero. In your opinion, then, that was coicidence, and google will just ignore the keywords stuck together as though they don't exist? My concern is that those keywords are so badly done, as to purposefully set off googles filters to lower the page rank. From my understanding, and the little amount of research I've been able to get on pages that have gotten this spam, that seems to be the only explanation(only 3, the 4th which didn't follow the pattern I had expected). Also, who tries to boost the rank of their comments anyhow? If you have any more info on this, please don't hesitate to send me an instant message through AIM: NickLewisATX. In addition, my e-mail is netpolitik[at the]hotmail[to the]com

Posted by Nick Lewis at April 27, 2005 10:46 PM