Comments: Cites & Insights, February 2005 (Pew "State Of Blogging")

As always, thanks for the comment. Yeah, maybe I could hype it more, but I'm terrible at writing snappy titles--and, after all, it's now a sponsored journal (lower-case "j"), not an experimental zine.

You can really thank j Baumgart for inspiring my restatement of the Pew numbers. She was troubled by their apparent labeling of 39% as "most" in one case. I just took it a little further. And, unsurprisingly, a couple of people have said I got my numbers wrong, because they can't be bothered to read what I said. (That is, "No, you're wrong, 5% of adult Internet users use RSS." Which is another way of saying that about 97%-98% of American adults--without the "Internet user" qualification--don't.)

I love Pew's work; they're just a little too enthusiastic for my taste in spinning the outcomes. And maybe I'm too -- what, academic? shy? introverted? -- in spinning my stuff. Such is life.

Posted by Walt Crawford at February 10, 2005 12:00 PM