Comments: Conference on Internet & Society 2004: Votes, Bits & Bytes

Re "You Talk Too Much:"

One genuine Internet-related innovation in campaigning, and one which has nothing to do with blogs, is the way it's brought "bundling" down to the grass roots.

In previous elections, a big macher would ask a few hundred of his rich friends to give *him* checks made out to "Smith for President", and then give the bundle of checks to Mr. Smith, thus demonstrating that the macher was somebody worth pandering to.

Now, if you sign up to be a Kerry volunteer, and other people donate money to the campaign by following a link to a page associated with your account, then you get credited for the money you've helped to raise ... thus, you can inflate the campaign's bank account and your own ego simultaneously.

Posted by Seth Gordon at October 21, 2004 09:48 AM