Comments: Blogs, Gatekeepers, Truth, Media (CBS Memos vs Internment Defense)

Seth, don't despair entirely. Some of us read your words...

At Corante, you wrote:

>Naively, one might expect Buckhead'd be willing to say "Sure, I called everyone I knew,...But that makes it less of spontaneous-uprising, less of a new-media blah blah ... story-hook.

Which ties into your point here. I agree. OLD has become NEW!! BAD has become GOOD!! These are sentiments that rarely express the reality we experience in our own lives. Usually more a comment on the author than on the subject.

We trade in old problems for new ones, and if the new seem more agreeable (or less-disagreeable), then that's progress. I'd say that's certainly the case here, with the dream of "a printing press in every pot" closer to being realized than at any time in human history.

I remember numerous times, getting ticked off by something in the paper and writing a letter to the editor--an articulate, witty, wise letter, every time--and waiting for it to appear. Sometimes one did...but not usually. I suspect that you have had similar experiences.

Well, now we can write those letters. Problem solved...or supplanted.


Posted by AMac at September 23, 2004 10:40 AM