Comments: S.2560 (IICA/INDUCE Act) and "substantial noninfringing use"

I have to say that this bill is the most stupid thing i have seen in a very very long time. Will they manage to put it through? I hope not! They put this bill through....what else can they do after?

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Posted by ITIL at July 26, 2004 09:05 AM

"The effect on device manufacturers, including computer manufacturers, would appear to be self-evident: They could not bring new multi-purpose devices (including software) to market without facing the threat of crippling litigation."

While this allows a "direct" regulation of consumer electronics by hollywood, and severely hinders flexible general purpose technology, the DMCA indirectly does the same thing. Any time Hollywood or the RIAA want to prevent technological innovators from adapting their devices to interact with the content they make in a fair non-infringing manner, they can just put any form of DRM on it and sue anyone who makes a program capable of cutting through it for any reason.

These interests have found a new way to trick congress and the american people by splitting the implementation of their unfair agendas between congress and other private or regulatory bodies.

I like to term this tactic "half laws", because they figure out what they want to do, ask congress to get them half way there, then use someone else to fulfill the rest.

EX. first the DMCA to make it illegal to circumvent DRM, then the "Plug and Play" standards to assure the consumer is not given the choice of something without DRM . Presto , instant regulation of consumer electronics !

Posted by Alexander Wehr at August 9, 2004 10:28 AM