Comments: Frank Weltner (JewWatchCom) replies

What a load of pathetic shit. Keep your chin up, sethf.

Posted by joe at June 5, 2004 01:10 PM

I agree with Mr. Weltner. I doubt that he did optimization. I doubt that he knew about optimization when he made the site.

Posted by Pbb at July 7, 2004 07:29 PM

Frank Weltner is a moron which is typical of those who run in his circle or should I say, those like him who run in circles chasing their tails? Weltner states JewWatch was put on the web in '98 but in one of Kevin Alfred Strom's rants Strom states it was '95.
See, you people are chasing your tails or is that revisionist idea starting to screw up your own history?
Come on Franky you sound like you have been sitting with that aging ass of yours on a couch too long sucking down cheap beer and eating greasy tater chips. For a retired librarian you can't even put together a decent article without repeating thoughts and misspelling words (alot is spelled a lot and it's not algorythm but algorithm). Try using a spell check and looking over your triades before you send them out.
Now, how do you know that no one ever types the word Jew into the Google search engine, are you there peeking over their shoulders? Are you logged into their computers? Nope, so there you go ranting about something you have no clue of. Besides you didn't have to just use the word Jew to get your asinine site to show up on the search but being the numbskull that you are it didn't register in that thick head of yours.
And what the hell are you rambling about sixty-five million Christians dying in Russia? Do you have a list of everyone of those people with their religion and exact race on it? I would really like to see that one!
Mr. History is lacking in his knowledge of that area. As for the Czar, have you read up on those who lived under his rule, dumbass? Ever wonder why the people rose up and killed the guy? And don't tell me you believe in sparing the children because we all know you don't. It's that bloodline you all worry about and we know you don't want your "pure blood" tainted by some kid growing up and marrying one of your fat daughters or one-balled sons. So save your shock and horror for some punk kid you recruit. The rest of us don't buy it.
Did you spend all your days in the library looking up female co-workers skirts as opposed to checking out the books? Probably, you look like the type!
For someone who rants about the rest of the world murdering his sixty-five million "relatives" and I'm sure you have their personal info on hand, you have no problem mixing with those of your tail chasing kind who like to put pictures of lynchings up on their own websites. Talk about murderers......takes some real big kahones on a group of men to run down, torture and murder another human. You would like to do it right now, too. Unfortunately you can't............
And whine! You pathetic bastards whine constantly about one thing or another. For a bunch of so called leaders I have to wonder if any of you work or do you let the peons and women support your lazy asses?
As for your yammering about Jews marrying blacks...what color are the Ethiopian Jews, Franky? You really that f***ing dumb? Yeah, you are!
Speak of being pathetic, you win the prize! Now waddle on back to your couch and finish off that cheap beer and greasy tater chips.

Posted by Judith Stefchak at July 31, 2004 02:04 AM